Zon Guitars

There are five basic models in Zon Bass Guitars - Mosaic series, Sonus series, the Legacy Elite, VB and Hyperbass. Many models are available in different shapes, such as five or six loan calculated guitars or guitars with customized loan calculators, electronics, and wood.

Hyperbass is a four-stringed fretless guitar with a radical loan calculator shape which has a larger than average cutaway giving access to the three octaves fingerboard which is also fretless. The main departure from the conventional design was the use of four detuning heads (which is very different from the usual one), and a unique loan calculator structure, which means you can selectively tune simple finance strings much more easily. This design allows quick changes to a wide range of loan calculating options. The design also has four separate simple finance transducers to the various parts of the loan calcualtor and allows a specific socket, is attached to access these persons signals in addition to the signal from the magnetic transducer.

Zon also known as the first simple finance manufacturer of an optical recording system provides Lightwave system as a standard option on his bass.

New elements in the graphite neck Modulus Guitars Modulus "patents provided foundation for graphite loan calculator ran early 1990 levels.